Where to Find Cute Maternity Clothes? Right here.

Where to Find Cute Maternity Clothes? Right here.

Congratulations, mama.

Whether this is your first foray into motherhood, or you are an OG, M STREET is the brand for you.

Finding clothes to wear as your body is changing can not only be extremely difficult, but also exhausting. Between prepping for the baby, everyday life, and learning your new body, finding the time to find garments that are both comfortable and fashionable is no small feat. The good news? We’re here to help. 

Our clothes are designed to move with you before, during, and after pregnancy, molding to the shape of your body as it’s constantly changing. Most women start showing anywhere between 12-16 weeks, but we recommend purchasing your garments in the first trimester, because life definitely comes at you fast. Worried that your body will change so much that you don’t know what size you are? Don’t trip: our garments are designed to accommodate a fluctuation in weight, so whatever your pre-pregnancy size is, choose that.

(note: if you're preggo with twins, triplets, or more, let's chat offline :)) 

Here are some of our favorite items from the collection that we love, along with Temi’s current favorites (which change everyday) 

Zahra Overbelly Maternity Pant

Why we love it: 

These pants are extremely comfortable and perfect for every occasion. From date night to running errands, they are so versatile and feel so good on the skin. When you need a go-to maternity pant, this is the one because she literally can do anything.

Temi: in the 4th trimester (real ones know where I’m going with this) I lived in these. If I want a casual look, I just throw them on with a hoodie, but if I want to be sexy, I wear the Zahra Comfort Bralette and Overbelly Duster together. 


Zahra Overbelly Maternity Duster

Why we love it:

We love the color options and the functionality. It has DEEP pockets and can be worn open or with the belt. The length gives it a sophistication that most dusters don’t have, so you can really wear it as a light coat in the Spring and Fall, or to complete your look to give it that umph. 

Temi: It’s really hard to find a blazer, coat, or duster to go over a pregnant belly. I felt like we needed something we could wear in professional spaces, but also something that could be elegant and beautiful. Styling is a big key for this collection and the options are limitless. 

Oh! I also love that if you’re not really ready to tell anyone that you’re pregnant, you can still hide a little (in the beginning!) with this. 


Mikal Button Down Maternity Kaftan

Why We Love It:

It’s sexy, it’s fly, it’s really, really functional. From the beautiful print, to the styling options, you can wear Mikal around the house, on beach, or with your favorite pair of heels. 

Temi: In Nigeria, we wear bubus (kaftans) and they are always extremely stylish. Like, there literally is no other way. I was adamant about creating a button down kaftan because when you’re breastfeeding you really don’t have many options and I was just tired of only being able to wear button down shirts. 

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