When I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter in 2019, I couldn’t wait to show off my pregnancy style, but when I went online to see what the maternity fashion world had to offer, I wanted absolutely no parts. There was nothing for the stylish mom, the streetwear mom, the sexy mom, the sporty mom–nothing for women who weren’t into flowy dresses with floral prints to match. After two years of research and development, I decided to launch my own brand, specifically for moms who are excited for their new journey, but never want to stop having a personal identity. 

You may be wondering why I named the business M STREET, and honestly, it’s really inspired by us. When I think about mothers, I think about how we’re required to be so many things–how we literally make the world go ‘round. Like us, M STREET is so multi-faceted. It’s for movement, mindset, mood (because you know we have them and give them), motherland, so [m]any things. 

My biggest goal with this brand was to ensure that I created something that was extremely high quality, fun, and flexible, which gives you endless styling options. 

I can’t wait for moms everywhere to experience M STREET and join us as we redefine what motherhood looks like with fashion and beyond.